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  • Bemer Demo Day

    Lori Delfosse, member of MedMates, is hosting a demonstration day for her medical device called the Bemer, which she is a distributor for. The company, BEMER, has been studying this technology for 19 years. German engineered, Swiss constructed. With 6 international patents, it’s a class 2 medical device in Europe and FDA registered Class I in the USA. Over 1 million units have sold worldwide, 40 countries, with an exponential sales increase here in the US since its introduction to the US market, 18 months ago. It is a device that is well documented in 15 medical publications and proven to increase blood flow to the capillaries by 29% within 1 hour after an 8 minute session. Recommended application is 8 minutes, twice a day. Considering that 74% of our blood flow lies in our capillaries, it is understandable that increasing circulation at this level is having profound effects. In addition, the capillaries is where the primary exchange of oxygen and nutrients occurs, as well as, taking off metabolic waste. This is important. Benefits of Bemer include: · General blood flow · Nutrition and oxygen supply · Sleep management · Waste disposal · Cardiac function · Physical fitness endurance · Improved concentration · Support mental acuity · Stress reduction & relaxation

  • Oct 6

    New England Regional Innovation Summit

  • Oct 6

    RI Business Plan Competition Kickoff

  • Oct 12

    Health & Wellness / MedTech Networking Night

  • Oct 14

    HealthHacks Hackathon